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Our First New Location:     

201, 722 - 85th Street SW (located in Remedy's RX Pharmacy)



Hours of Operation:  

Mon-Tue 10:00-18:00,Wed 13:00-20:00,Thu 10:00-18:00,Sat 10:00-14:00

Starting from November we will provide service Mon-Fri from 10:00-20:00 



from $ 30 /session
  • Salt Room
  • Salt Booth
  • Salt Bed


from $ 95 /session
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Wellness Package


from $ 25 /class
  • Salt Air Breathing and Stretching
  • Salt Pronoyama
  • Meditation

We are excited to partner with Foundation of Health Clinic

At Foundation of Health clinic, our fundamentals are that of healing from the foundation of our being, our core, at the deepest levels, to promote health and prevent disease. We do this through homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, lymph drainage massage, craniosacral and supplements. We also have breast thermography and test kits for hormones, food sensitivities and minerals deficiency's and excesses.
Success Stories


Chronic Asthma Relief



Managing Sinus Allergies



RN with Asthma and Skin Conditions



Breathing Better

Video 2

Video 2

Recovering from an Accident

  • SKIN



All you have to do is sit there.

Salt Therapy will do the rest. Salt Therapy is a therapy with healing properties for a wide range of respiratory conditions including asthma.







And support your skin.

Skin conditions can be improved with salt therapy. Pure mineral salts have natural moisturising properties and can support the skin’s water balance and barrier function by attracting moisture to the skin.



Peak Performance

Get the recovery edge.

Salt therapy is a winning strategy that can enhance training performance and speed up recovery by improving lung function and increasing lung capacity and stamina.






And get a good night’s sleep.

Salt therapy increases relaxation while relieving inflammation and congestion. This has a powerful rejuvenating properties and can help you get a better night’s sleep

  • I have read extensively on the therapeutic benefits of halotherapy and was excited to discover (quite "accidentally") this incredible venue!

    After only 4 sessions my breathing was "easier" and the calming effects are indisputable:)

    Jan Edmonds

    high school teacher


  • I am so glad I discovered the benefits of salt air therapy! I started to feel better almost immediately. My sinuses feel better and my chest is definetly less congested.

    I would highly recommend this treatment! Best thing I have done for my overall health in a long time.

    Ann Clipstone.


  • Salt Therapy helps to recover from cold faster and also helps to prevent cold and flu. It helps to relax mind and body.

    Thank you Tatiana for opening this in Calgary.

    Marina, Sergey, Vadim

  • I have asthma and a cronic cough for the last 6 years.  Since I have started the salt air therapy I have cut my inhaler use down from every day to once a week  

    I don't cough as much and when I do it is much less severe.  I have more energy, less tired and my skin looks healthier. 

    Lori Prokep

  • Our office has a small, friendly atmosphere that will immediately put you at ease.

  • Our experienced staff will help you feel welcome and comfortable.

  • Salt Booth provides an intense healing environment in just 30 minutes.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Booth
  • The cabin can accommodate one person for a personalized salt therapy session.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Booth
  • Beautifull and warm Salt Bed provides an intense healing environment in just 30 minutes.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caDeep Sea
  • Adjustable levels of salt particles provide an individualized session.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caDeep Sea
  • Salt Room accommodates several people sitting and relaxing.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Cave
  • During a session people achieve deep relaxation.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Cave
  • The Halogenerator supplies tiny salt particles into the room.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Cave
  • The Halogenator creates an enviroment close to natural salt caves.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Cave
  • It's a SALT COUNTRY for KIDS!

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Castle
  • It's a room for the whole FAMILY- big or small.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caSalt Castle
  • Our professional RMT will provide you a relaxing massage.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caMassage Salt Room
  • After the massage, enjoy a saltair therapy session.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caMassage Salt Room
  • Treat yourself to a European facial.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caFacial Treatment
  • A salt facial will make you feel better.

    http://www.saltairtherapy.caFacial Treatment